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Crystal Clarity helps leaders, employees, and teams to improve their wellbeing and productivity with technology and coaching. Our aim is to ensure that our clients have more energy for sustainable high performance and for precious moments with their loved ones.

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Our technology will highlight the helpful and unhelpful patterns you perform throughout the day, giving insight into what is influencing your health and wellbeing. We use data that demonstrates sleep quality, daytime recovery, stress and movement. It also gives insights into your mental wellbeing and the levels of your executive brain performance, which is important for leadership and productivity.



Technology provides continuous feedback. Daily reminders help to create sustainable behavior changes. Our coaching is not a one-time event, like a vitality workshop, but a continuous learning process. Crystal Clarity coaches will support you in this process by clarifying the data and by giving meaningful feedback for better results.



Today's leaders are challenged with many meetings and a demand for their attention. This has a negative effect on executive brain performance. The fundamental skills related to executive function include adaptable thinking, planning and self-control, all crucial to a successful leader. Our coaching will lead the leaders into increasing their wellbeing so they can be the best possible versions of themselves. We teach leaders how to make better decisions at the right moment of the day based on personal data, how to manage the calendar for better energy management, and how to mentaly prepare for the most crucial moments and difficult conversations. Crystal Clarity will help leaders to see the bigger picture on how work, private life and sleep are deeply connected when it comes to having a healthy, meaningful and enjoyable life.


The modern employee has lost control over his calendar and faces constant distractions. Meanwhile, the line between work and private life has been thinning for years. Some employees have the feeling that life lives them instead of them living their life. With Crystal Clarity, employees will learn to take back control over their calendar and to work on the right things at the right moments based on the insights of their personal data. By working smarter they will increase their wellbeing and be more productive. Employees will learn how to improve their sleep quality and to get enough physical activity. They will reduce stress and have more daytime recovery time.


Beyond the individual learning journey, employees face common challenges as a team. The team program helps to find solutions for these challenges.

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Two of our clients share their experience with the Crystal Clarity programs. 

Facilicom Group (Source:


"We want people to care as much about their body battery as they care about their phone battery”

Crystal Clarity was founded by Sander Gremmen and has offices located in both the Netherlands and Denmark. Crystal Clarity strives for the deepest truth in life and to question everything until the causes are crystal clear. Our coaching achieves this through scientific data and deep personal experiences. Working with objective data is a humbling and enlightening process, revealing sides of ourselves we’d rather hide. But facing the truth provides nuanced perspectives on complex personal situations. Clarity about ourselves leads to more wisdom, compassion, and connection.

The team consists of four wellbeing advisors, and we have a network of additional wellbeing advisors to scale up for larger projects. To provide the best quality, Crystal Clarity collaborates with two European companies.



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